Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Think I need to Slow down

Stayed up way too long last night playing Candy Crush Soda Saga on facebook  <<<<<< my profile.

I have been feeling a bit spaced out for months now, especially when overtired but I'm a saddo...and totally addicted to some of the facebook games. It doesn't help when fellow players are up late with me and keep sending me extra lives...lol

I've had weird blackouts since I was a little kid and had to stop driving because of them, so it is something I need to keep an eye on. I'm thinking it was the movement and bright colours that set me off last night. Either that or not eating enough chocolate.

The ASDA shopping turned up today. I think I might have expensive tastes as I bought some venison burgers. I last ate venison at a dinner dance back in the 70's so I think I am due a win on the Macmillan Weekly Lottery to pay for my high life :)

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