Sunday, 1 May 2016

Homesick Blues

I left Gosport (my home town) in January 2014 to re-locate to Eastbourne to be with Billy, the love of my life. Here he is....caught out doing the hoovering.

Although I love my new life, I get homesick once in a while for the seaside at Stokes Bay and the liveliness that was Gosport town centre where I had lived since October 2000.

I am hoping to get to Gosport some time but when that will be depends on the progress I make. I actually managed to walk to the postbox this week which was a round trip of about 200 yards which is the furthest I have walked in at least a year.

My next goal is to walk to the local Co-op for some apple slices, a loaf of their farmhouse bread, some crusty rolls for lunch and a tub of their luxury ice-cream.

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