Sunday, 29 May 2016

Lost in Hampden Park

So....several times on the way to the co-op in Hampden Park I looked down a side road and could see a building with an odd looking roof and wondered what it was.

Curiosity got the better of me this day on the way home from my trip out to grocery shop and I turned down the left turning to see what this building was about. Turned out it was the building that houses (for anyone interested)

Getting back to my story.

I reached the building (and realising there was nothing there to write home about) was feeling a bit clever so instead of walking back the way I came I decided to walk round to the side of the building. In my head I was thinking that if I did that and carried on walking for long enough I would eventually end up in my street or somewhere nearby.

Wasn't going to Instead I found myself on a long road that I didn't recognise which consisted of lots of turn offs to cul de sacs which had no obvious escape routes. As I walked I got more and more scared. I was totally lost in a place I had ended up in for the first time.

Questions at the time were;

Where the heck am I?
How come I don't recognise anything that looks like home?
Why didn't I bring my bottle of water?
Who will perform CPR within 4 minutes if I have another cardiac arrest when there isn't a soul around?

I sent a text to my man telling him I was lost and he texted back with


I was getting hotter and hotter and really panicking by then...then I had a brainwave as a bus overtook me. I reasoned that the bus route would take me to familiar surroundings so decided to follow the bus route, noting how close to home I was getting by the destination notices on each bus stop.

I could totally identify with Brian Tracy's Sahara Desert experience.

After several bus stops and a sit down under cover, I looked about and could see the flats near our home in the distance. Finally, I came off the long road I was on and took a right turn into the road that leads to our road. I arrived home very hot and tired but in one piece.

My man has related his side of the story to me and his family and it turns out that his one word message was sent in panic mode. He said that he was thinking of getting his mobility scooter out so he could come and find me. I am ashamed to say I laughed at his gesture. I had a picture in my mind of him travelling in circles and not catching up with me because the battery went flat then a crane having to bring the scooter home with him still sat on it.

I haven't got lost in Hampden Park since....but I still have time to get lost some place else.

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