Friday, 27 May 2016

In Reflective mode

This one of my favourite drawings. My sister drew this from a photograph of me from the 60's. I don't recall this pose but the photo was taken in Southsea before my family moved back to Gosport when I was 6 so I must have been very small when this was taken.

I have the original drawing here at home where it is still waiting to be framed and properly shown off.

In the post this week

The jammy case was for

This also arrived this week...I can see a pattern forming

Today in the post was a note from Royal Mail telling me they wanted me to pay them £3 because someone sent me something and didn't pay the right postage. I have no idea who this is as I have checked my eBay, Amazon and Play accounts and all of my orders have arrived.

Progress report

I have made several grocery shopping trips on foot since I last posted but don't feel I want to walk as far as Morrisons yet.

I will write up the story of how I got lost in Hampden park when I blog again as it really could do with it's own post.

Yesterday I went totally over the top and actually tackled dusting and hoovering the living room as well as stripping the bed and doing a ton of washing. Needless to say, I felt like a wrung out deck cloth today so will put off shopping again till Sunday or Monday.

Watch this space!

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