Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Taking it Easy

Finally cottoned on that I really could do better at the 'taking it easy' thing.

It's been more than two months since my sudden cardiac arrest...will be 10 weeks in a couple of days.

I am now able to walk using a walker (actually a granny shopper but it does the same thing) to the local Co-op and back. On the odd occasion I wibbly wobble my way to the postbox using one of those walking sticks with the tripod thing going on.

Still feeling feeble...totally randomly and have to suddenly excuse myself from conversations to have a lie down.

The most frustrating part of this whole thing is the memory issues that are not at all consistent. Oh...and people telling me how much better I look when inside I am feeling like shite.

Fancy burgers tonight for dinner...just mustering up the energy. I love cooking as it is something I can still do if it is simple cooking, but the task takes up so much of my energy I rarely feel well enough afterwards to eat...so I am snacking whenever...and sleeping when my body tells me to......

Thought that shopping at the Co-op would be helpful today only I have got spoilt by having internet shopping as an option. When I got back from shopping locally I still ended up buying a ton of groceries from a larger supermarket and will probably need to get out and shop again later this week.

Clothes shopping today...bought trouser bottoms from Amazon and leggings from Bon Marche without having to catch a bus into town..lol

Life in the fast lane...who needs it?

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