Thursday, 7 April 2016

Thanks For The Memories :)

Having a hard time trying to convince my Billy that asking "Don't you remember...we discussed this a month ago?" is not going to help me remember stuff that the 3 resuscitation attempts and a coma wiped

I guess my remembering some things and not others must be really confusing to people around is confusing for me too.

I tried to explain to Billy that I only know how to do some things, like balancing well enough to walk without falling over because the hospital staff showed me how to do these things after I moved from ICU to a general medical ward. Some things I learned by watching other patients to see how they went about eating soup and porridge without making too much of a mess.

Weirdly, I knew how to find this blog and could use a search engine within minutes of having access to my Chromebook again. I also knew how to pick up and send messages and make phone calls using my Android.....I still have no idea why I remember some things and not others....weird stuff but something I need to work out to help simplify my life.

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