Saturday, 23 April 2016

Summer Is On The Way

I must have been in a summertime mood when I went eBay shopping this week when I decided to buy THESE.

They look great with my black flight socks that I wear to keep my lymphoedema under control.

I found out some more information about CARDIAC ARREST this evening. I thought this condition was like a heart attack but it seems that until the lovely medical registrar resuscitated me I was only a few minutes away from death...scary stuff for my family but as I was not at all with it at the time I missed all the drama. 

Then there was the wait of several days while I was in a family really went through it. 

I am currently getting my hospital bag together so I am better prepared for another similar event because I am still not being treated with the right meds.

Looking forward to the summer now while enjoying the spring weather we are having whether it is rainy or sunny. I am just happy to be here to experience whatever the day throws at me.

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