Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New Things I found While Shopping

Got chatting to an a Facebook friend from across the pond the other day. She had posted a recipe with Butternut squash spaghetti as one of the ingredients. I had never heard of this so randomly wandered off to Tesco and found that they sell this on-line.

I now have a pack of butternut squash spaghetti in my fridge waiting for me to work up to cooking it up for my breakfast. I have some olive oil and half a pack of mixed prepared veg so have the makings of breakfast for tomorrow.

I am finding I am more prone to doing random stuff since my return to the land of the living. Not so random that I have taken up cross-stitching again (as a beginner this time)...although I was tempted a week or so ago then remembered that my fingers still don't have full movement and my double vision won't help when I am doing anything fiddly.

I have colouring books and pencils ready for when I have a sudden spell of fiddliness come over me and have bought myself a personalised wooden pencil box to celebrate the occasion. 

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