Saturday, 16 April 2016

Taking It Easy

The last few weeks have seen some improvement healthwise. Looks like this might be a slow process so I am taking it easy and not in any great rush. No point in having so much of my time and energy focussed on a destination and not spending some time just enjoying the scenery.....*cue the sick bucket.

For anyone who is interested...if you have lymphoedema, flight socks do as good a job as the compression garments at a fraction of the price. Compression garments around £20  flight socks £5.95

Buy your Flight socks HERE   folks.

So far this year I have managed to lose around 30lbs...most of that since I came home on April 1st and started wearing the flight socks. The other thing I have done is drink a lot more water than I used to so the jury is out as to which change helped the most.

My memory is still shot to pieces with months of my pre coma life a total blank. I'm relying on family to fill in some of the gaps so my memories are second hand a lot of the time. I'm still having trouble remembering where I have put things and reading feedback on facebook for things I have no recollection of buying can be a bit confusing too. 

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