Friday, 1 April 2016

Could Be Escaping Today .....

First night in years that I can recall sleeping all night

08:00 ish

Got woken this morning about 06:30 with...."Oh slept right through!  Can I take your blood pressure reading??

Walked the long and winding road that leads to the loo then sat on the bed in a highly excited state to wait for the hot drinks trolley. I can now smell toast so I think breakfast is in the offing any time soon.

Stuff I want to do this morning.

1. Pack away anything I won't be using today...which is just about everything that was packed and brought with me.

2. Change into some half decent day clothes....not much choice as only two pairs of jammy bottoms fit me and I am wearing one of


Breakfast order......same every it milk or sugar on it
Fruit Juice

What actually turned up

Porridge with milk and sugar
Fruit juice
No Yoghurt
Toast and marmalade

I let the rest go...but the silly woman wanted to argue with me about the toast and marmalade. She couldn't seem to grasp that someone with a problem with gluten wouldn't have ordered toast.....doh!

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