Thursday, 31 March 2016

Another Day in the Twilight Zone

Getting on for 9am on a sunny day in Eastbourne.....I only know what the weather is like by looking round to see if the staff have put the lights on then checking out the time on my Android.

I can see more once the window blinds are up but since the staff seem to do this randomly I tend to have to wait till breakfast is here.

I have been in hospital for getting on for 3 weeks now..most of which I have totally no memory of. I don't remember an ambulance being called nor how I got here. The first thing I recall about my unplanned break away was waking up in the intensive care unit HERE

Getting on for 18:00

NHS internet has been down since about noon and I got that bored I bought a Puzzler Code Words book. The upside is that I also started reading my kindle version of Feel The Fear and do it Anyway

I had a hard copy of this book when I was living in Hampshire but left my books behind when I re-located to East Sussex in February 2014. I am now wanting to order my favourite books for the cloud reader.

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