Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Gosport High Street on market day.

Having spent a lot of time from being a teenager studying a whole bunch of psychological approaches and related stuff, I am wondering now how this connects with my real world interests and loves.

I was born in Gosport in Hampshire in 1960...moved around a bit locally while living in various of my family homes until 1975 when we moved back to Gosport where I chose to stay.

I worked, played, married/divorced, raised 2 offspring with special needs (educational as well as medical etc) owned and rented homes, ran a business, did paid and volunteering work and spent time in various stages of physical health....all in Gosport...right up until I was 54. So you COULD say that Gosport is where my roots are.

Group dynamics has fascinated me for a long time...and one of the things I miss about Gosport is the ease in which I could get out and chat to many people (mostly random people) while going about my day to day real world life. The group dynamics I am a part of now is happening in a medical ward at Eastbourne District General Hospital

The above photo was included to show what kind of place I visited most days. 

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