Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Motivation is an Inside Job

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Since just about everyone around me seems to think I have nowt much wrong with me...I might as well start looking for work...I could be working again this time next year....lol

I was told today that I am medically fit to leave hospital but things need to be safe for me back home. So someone from local adult social care is coming to see me and also the hospital psychiatrist.

To be honest...I don't want to leave here until I am thrown out,

I am now being told that now they have the dosage of Thyroxine as it should be, there is no reason that I won't get back to a life where I can get out and about. So I am thinking I will give myself a year to get to a reasonable level of health and then get my life back. 

In the meantime I will be consulting my life coaching mentors and adding to my blog.....

Patient to care worker: I want to die
Care worker to patient: Do you need some help?
Patient to Care worker: Please help me...I can't breathe
Care worker to me in a whisper: I wish she'd make her bloody mind up

This just part of the fun that goes on in the ward where I am currently staying

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