Monday, 28 March 2016

Boring Medical Update

Currently recovering from being resuscitated and from being in a coma for a few days. It appears that all the symptoms I was having for several months prior to turning up here are not going to be investigated so I might have to wait for a lottery win so that I can have these checked out privately.

Brain Function after resuscitation   Interesting link that...apparently full brain function is rare...eek!...the next person who asks me....I already told you that...don't you remember? going to get a

First monitoring rounds have been blood pressure and temperature are within the healthy range as is my blood glucose level....well...that sentence lives up to the title of this post...

Time for a lie down I's now 08:45....breakfast sorted...managed to change my teeshirt...but too knackered to do much else until lunch time...might have roast chicken again today because I can still remember what that is

Later 17:30 Teatime

Other half turned up around 15:30 bringing me 3 bananas and hugs :) It's been fairly quiet today. Thought it was a bit windy outside this morning...turns out that STORM KATIE IN EASTBOURNE has been at work.  While I slept the whole of the south of England it seems was being battered.

No surprise there though as I also slept through THIS STORM IN 1987

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