Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Elephant in the room

History is repeating itself....back in the 80's tried to get my health issues investigated, Doctors at the time decided not to investigate further than the one thing they tested for.
2016....cardiac arrest...then coma..
..blood having only one thing treated...all other stuff

Looks like I won't get any of the current medical issues addressed unless I pay to have the right tests sorted and get to see the appropriate medical staff.

08:35.....breakfast out of the way...would have a wash but only have 2 tee-shirts here and no jammy bottoms I can fit over my legs that are swollen with lymphatic fluid....bugger.

18:22....all food sorted out....medical stuff as sorted as it is going to be for now. Told other half that the consultant has said she is working on getting me home on Friday so he now thinks I am actually going home on Friday. I now wish I hadn't bothered mentioning it.

Having a drowsy I think I could have a lie down before I keel over....resting is blooming hard work.

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