Sunday, 24 April 2016

My Challenge.....

Overcast today in Eastbourne

I must be feeling better...I have been looking at prices of

My biggest challenge is dealing with people around me who appear to think I have had a full recovery.

I am in for a long haul....

I have weight loss goals, fitness goals and am noticing small changes every day.

I wwasn't totally looking forward to coming home from hospital as I guessed how things would pan out.

I was right in my vision of what my homecoming would be like. It was like I had never been away.

My new walker is in my eBay basket waiting for my DLA to turn up next week then I plan to walk out to get a bit of shopping done to supplement  my on-line shopping.

I can walk as far as our bins so have spent the last few weeks turfing out all kinds of junk. Then I want to get some stuff together to take to a local charity shop.

As I said earlier....I am in this for the long haul....

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