Monday, 12 December 2016

Busy Busy Busy

Haven't been to bed yet but have kept busy.

What I have done so far

1....cleared loads of stuff and either binned it or re-cycled.
2.....made some fudge which was rubbish so I chucked it.
3....posted Christmas cards
4....washing is now in the drier
5,,,,wrapped some prezzies
6....wrapped 2 boxes of Heroes so I can't eat them
7....listed 50+ listings.....losted none
8....put in our prescription requests
9....shopped on-line for Billy
10 shopped on-line and remembered to buy dog toys and gluten free goodies to send to my son in Gosport
11...cooked and ate cheesy mash for my breakfast

I might have a nap in a bit 

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