Thursday, 22 December 2016

Out and About Again

Our friendly Co-op  in Hampden Park
My fave shop for teeny packs of olives for £1
and loads of cruelty free household cleaning and personal care products 

Today I am mainly adding Gift Bags to my store

It must be Christmas....I'm a bit bothered by all those little things like running out of food and all sorts of other stuff.

I tried to do some on-line shopping as is my usual way of feeding the pair of us, only to find that the locals have invited whole armies to stay this year so there are no more shopping slots left until Tuesday 27th December.

I'd been up all night working on my eBid Store until about 6am, when it occurred to me that it was time for my morning meds. I then googled my local co-op store and saw they opened at 7am.

My winter coat came out for the first time this winter and I wrapped myself up and had a little wander, not building my hopes up that they might have everything in stock that was on my list.

I will now try to stop slagging off the co-op here for running out of half my shopping list on a regular basis as everything I was after was there :)

Why do shops have displays of mince pies by the door so I don't see them till I am about to leave? I grabbed a couple of boxes from the store counter to replace those that I have eaten and made a mental not to go back there on Saturday to buy up any tubs of sweets they still have.

My Billy told visitors that I had eaten 4 tubs of Heroes in a week...what a cheek!...I had actually only eaten 2 and a half tubs by

Back to my story....and a progress report. Got home feeling great as I had broken my speed record for the co-op shopping...wasn't too out of breath and didn't need to stop for a water break :)

Went for a nap at around 1pm and got up at around midnight for another night shift at work

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