Thursday, 30 June 2016

Latest Eastbourne Expedition

Hampden Park Post Office

On Friday 24th June the Ebid crew started one of their monthly fundraising auctions which run from the 24th -28th of each month except December.

This month we were raising money for The Royal British Legion and as I had a couple of auctions up I knew I would have to make the trip to the Post Office very soon after the 28th.

Now...I hadn't been to our Post Office since we moved to our first home here in 2014. This is because I would normally use a carrier on-line only I need to print labels from their site.

Chromebook is not talking to our printer so I had to find another way of sending parcels.....hence the planned Post Office run. So...the big day (today) arrived and off I trotted .... a woman on a mission.

First off..I had to find the right road which has no signs until I had walked about 100 yards (not foreign metres as I don't do them) along the road....then a railway crossing and onto the road I was after.

I managed to find a cashpoint then noticed a sign to a Tesco store which gave me something else to think about. The Post Office was quiet, handed over my parcel and bought stamps and started off home.

I saw the sign to the Tesco store again so decided to stop off and pick up some goodies.

I arrived home...put away the groceries (cream cakes and doughnuts were necessary) and stashed away all the luxury goods like laundry liquid and milk.

I conked out within an hour of getting back and had a nap...woke up feeling more alive and glad I made the trip out,

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