Wednesday, 11 October 2017


I am so far unconvinced that the story of my life has that much potential to be entertaining but it might be informative…hopefully both.
I always felt that writing my memoirs was an idea that was pretty indulgent and I was uncertain that many people would be that interested in reading about little old me. But looking back on my life I find that much of what I have done could be helpful to people who may be going through the same things that I have done, only they would be reading it now…if that makes sense.
During my life I have experienced several kinds of schooling and growing up in a services family (dad and both brothers served in the navy). I have had experience of being a parent and carer to two young people, and then adults with special needs, have gone through a divorce, have experienced long term disability and have been a cult member.
I have worked as a ‘listening ear’ for various groups and have been told I am a good listener generally. I like to think that the people I have helped short term will remember what they learned long term and were able to move on. It’s hard to know how I have helped people long term as only a handful of people have got back to me out of the thousands that initially have had contact with.

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