Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Fast Lane....Who Needs It???

I thought  it was about time I started a new blog to mark the newest chapter in my life.

Having spent a VERY long time man free due to being busy getting my shit together and not wanting any distractions....I made the decision to move away from my home town to move to Eastbourne to start a new life chapter.

I left my old life behind and found myself travelling to Eastbourne with an overnight bag and two shopping a town I didn't know and with no idea how things would pan out.

Still have no idea how things will turn out but it has helped that the man who shares our new life has an awesome family who took to me straight away and welcomed me with open arms. That could mean that I am just totally awesome or they are all as mad as me...I like to think it is the former but I suspect it might be the latter.....whatever....I'm blissfully happy being here and plan to stay happy :)

I also want to include in this blog my M.E. journey....hence the title of this blog. I have my dad to thank for the title as he would regularly say to me that my 'get up and go has got up and gone' when the M.E.  got to thanks dad for that :)

Edited Tuesday 2nd December to add that recent developments have made me question the M.E. diagnosis as in all probability the symptoms were due to long term use of wrongly prescribed synthetic Throxine supplements following the mis-diagnosis of hypothyroid back in 1988.

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